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Time to get some sleep

I’m tired, I need sleep and I’m mentally drained but guess what? Tomorrow is finally Friday. 

This week has been hell at work, being off the week before from being sick and still not feeling 100% can really wear ya down. I am yet to be completely caught up on everything from last week and I really don’t know if or when I will get caught up. It’s been none stop busy for me. I guess it’s good job security but damn it can get to ya after awhile. So this weekend can’t get here soon enough, even though it’s another busy Saturday of archery.

I don’t know when I will even have time to do my taxes, but they need to get done soon cause I need some money. No, what I need to do is do more research on making money while blogging and see what I can do with that. I have read a few things on it, but I really need to take a day at home and really focus on what I need to do. It would really be nice to have a little bit of extra income coming into the house. Extra money is always a good thing!

All I wanna be is the next Pioneer Woman, is that too much to ask for? 🙂 Yeah I know, I gotta lot of work to do if I ever want that to happen. Dreams do come true tho, just gotta put my mind to it and work my ass off. So we will see.

I have started keeping track of every day occurrences in my weekly/monthly planner, this has actually helped me out on keeping track of what to make for dinner in the evenings and whatever we have going on on the weekends. I think I should have been doing this planning thing from the get go, I guess I just always thought I didn’t have time to mess with it, but I was wrong, it has helped out a bunch. This is step 1 to better blogging. 🙂

Weekly/monthly plannerNow if I can get myself to just type what I’m thinking, then it will go just fine. It’s like my brain starts fumbling everything around and then I loose track of what I’m gonna put down. It may just be the fact that I have so much shit to say but don’t know how to type it out or maybe there’s just too many distractions. Hell it’s hard to say, but I will get it all straightened out soon enough.

I think it’s due from being tired, feeling like shit and needing about a year long vacation from work.  Now wouldn’t that be nice!

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  2. I always have the aspiration of keeping my paper diary up-to-date, but end up relying on Google Calendar, which looks like some sort of patch-work quilt that was hit by a shotgun several times, and then run over and dragged along a farm track for a while…

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