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Lazy Sunday…

Who doesn’t like to have lazy Sundays? Yeah I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on that one. When your up until 4am in the morning playing cards with your hubby and son, the best thing to do the next day is NOTHING. Lol Playing Phase 10 with Justin and Colton until 4am. Had… Read More Lazy Sunday…

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3 Day Quote Challenge

Thanks to Wendy from http://brilliancewithin.com for nominating me on the 3 Day Quote Challenge. This will be my very first challenge and I hope I can remember to do it again tomorrow. lol  I do love quotes, I’m always posting to my Pinterest account, check out my boards, https://www.pinterest.com/trishw0410. For my 1st challenge I will… Read More 3 Day Quote Challenge

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My 1st blog

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, but just trust me. One day while sitting at work, I thought to myself, I’m gonna start writing/blogging my feelings down. It seemed sorta strange at first cause I’m not the kind of person that shares too much about my life, but for some reason, it feels right.… Read More My 1st blog