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3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Good Tuesday Morning!

Today for my Quote Challenge I have decided that the theme will be Minions. 🙂 I absolutely love the Minions, how could you not love them little guys, they are just too cute!  Thank you to Wendy for sending me this challenge.  http://brilliancewithin.com/

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The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes each day for 3 consecutive days.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day to participate in the 3-day Quote Challenge

Please don’t feel obligated to complete this challenge, its definitely not mandatory!!  Just a little bit of fun to get you through the day.

My Nominees:

  1. http://chilliregina.com/
  2. https://cookingwithoutlimits.wordpress.com/
  3. http://ourfrenchoasis.com/


Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


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