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Another Archery Tournament in the books! 🎯🎯🏹🏹

We headed this evening to Grayson KY for this weekend’s tournament, just an hour drive so not too bad. The wait for the kids to shoot was longer than watching them actually shot tho.It was a very long evening for sure. Had to be at the school by 6:15, they ended up not shooting until around 7:30. There were more teams that shot after us at 8:30 and they didn’t get done with their flights til about 9:30 or after. Then started the awards. We ended up not getting back home until 11:30pm. I could probably could to bed but I have to get my blog in for the day. 😀

My son’s elementary school came in 2nd place!!!! These kids are doing such a great job! I know the coaches and parents are very proud of their kids, I am for sure!

Here’s a few photos that I took of my son during the tournament. As you can tell he’s not one for having his picture taken, such a little turd. Lol

Really mom, enough with the pics.
Colton and his dad, aka Hubby

#19 is what Colton was shooting at. This round was pretty good. Alot of arrows in the yellow!!

Pretty good day for sure! 

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