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#Archery, pretty good day for sure!! 

My day started out Saturday at 6:30, yeah tell me about it, Saturday’s are for sleeping in, well not this day. And to beat all,  the weather was a very cold 12°, another reason why I didn’t want to get out of bed. As a mother, you gotta do whatcha gotta do for your kids. My 9 year old had his very first Archery Tournament yesterday. This is something that his elementary school offers for fourth and fifth graders and it’s pretty exciting to know that archery is coming back to the schools as a sport. 
Colton has played soccer, baseball and now this, but honestly never thought he would enjoy it, but he absolutely loves it. My husband and I really enjoyed watching as well. For his first ever tournament he did very well, scoring the highest he has ever scored at all his practices, 226/300, and that even included a zero that he had a big mess up on. So his whole family is so very proud of him. He can only get better and I’m sure he will since he enjoys it so much. I see him sticking with this for a long time, never know, one of these days we may see him in the Summer Olympics!!

                 Colton is the little black haired boy in the camo shirt..

After he was done shooting at 10am we had time to go eat and do a little shopping before we had to be back for the awards @2pm, so we decided to go to Steak and Shake and grab some lunch and then head to Hobby Lobby for a little therapy for me, since I hadn’t been there forever. Boy this store is amazing. One of these days when I win the lottery and decide to redecorate my whole house, this is the first place I’m going. Even though I wanted to buy all kinds of stuff, I knew I couldn’t cause groceries were on the list for this week. Food apparently is more important to my family then awesome decorations for the house. Lol!! I did buy a couple essential oils, Ylang Ylang, Juniper Leaves and more Peppermint, can’t have to many oils. The peppermint has worked wonders for my headaches.

Here are some ways that these oils can help you out..


So once back to the tournament to find out scores, Lakeside Elementary (which is Colton’s school) ended up coming in first place within the elementary schools, Way to go!!! So proud of this team!! A couple of his classmates got individual awards for highest scores as well. Now onto next week’s tournament that is 2 hours away from us.. The joys of sports.

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