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Baby it's cold outside!


I need to go into hibernation for the winter or at least move to a warm climate state! For when it gets cold I don’t want to do anything but stay in the house, in my pj’s, where it’s nice and toasty. This morning while getting ready for work I hear on the news about snow flurries that could start this morning and maybe linger into this afternoon, ugghh really? No I’m just not ready. I think I even heard him say that Saturday or Sunday morning would be in the teens, I’m hoping I was just hearing things.

If only this weekend was a not do anything weekend, but as you know it that ain’t going to happen. The Christmas Parade for the city I live in is going on Saturday evening and my son has been invited to participate in it. If his schools archery team doesn’t get together he will be riding with friends and family on the back of a hay filled wagon pulled by a tractor. Should be fun for him no matter what, just gotta make sure we all bundle up for it tho. After the parade, the lighting of the Christmas Tree will take place and then good ole Saint Nick and Mrs Claus will make their way thru the crowd to spread their Christmas joy and take all the numerous requests from kids on what they want from Santa. Busy night for them for sure.

I’ll definitely be ready for some Hot Apple Cider when I make it back home. For me, that is the best way to warm up, I absolutely love it!  I even have scented wax cubes that are Simmering Apple Cider, I actually have it burning in my tart burner here at work. Smells so goooooodddd!


If only I had a fireplace to keep me warm. I do have one of the electric ones that look like its burning real wood, but its just not the same as a real one.  I just need something like this in my life…


One of these days, when the kids are grown and have their own kids, when the hubby and I are retired in our home on Smith Mountain Lake, I will have a fireplace like this. 🙂 Heck by the time I’m able to retire (probably by the age of 80), I might be living in a nursing home, which better have a nice fireplace for me to relax beside. LOL!

I don’t think I would ever make it in Alaska, let alone in any northern states, lol.


Everyone stay warm and enjoy the day!!

Til next time,




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