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Bacon Potato Hash for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Bacon Potato Hash
Bacon Potato Hash

Good Sunday Morning to you all! This morning as I sit at my desk, having a cup of coffee and watching the rain outside, the only thing I can think of is making some more Bacon Potato Hash. I actually think there still may be some leftovers in the fridge, so this gal will have to warm some up. This recipe is good for morning, noon or night.

When I fixed this dish the other evening it was for a side dish to go with my Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese. The hash complimented the fried chicken perfectly. Of course I made enough of the hash so we could savor the leftovers for a couple days. LOL!! This girl is all about leftovers, heck I’m usually the only one who eats em. Honestly tho, leftovers are so much better the day after. Especially a good pot of chili that is put in the fridge.

Boy speaking of chili, I wish I had the ingredients to make a good ole pot of chili today. Its going to be rainy and dreary all day, so chili sounds so good.  Finally getting some rain after over 20 days of nothing. The rain that we are getting today, will last all week. Its from the tropical storm that is hitting Alabama this morning. I don’t mind rain, but really it has to rain all week long. Not too big of a fan for all week rain, but I guess we do need it.

Looking out the window and not seeing to many colors on the leaves does tell me that we need rain big time. No rain means no colors to the leaves. There are a couple trees out there with yellow and orange leaves, but not nearly as much color as they should have. So maybe a little of this rain will help the colors burst out of the leaves and really show their Fall colors.


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Time to check out the recipe right, well, see below for some good ole Bacon Potato Hash.

Bacon Potato Hash

Bacon Potato Hash


Bacon Potato Hash


Bacon Potato Hash




If your more at making this for breakfast, check out this recipe for another delicious breakfast meal. These are my Breakfast Casserole Muffins


Bacon Potato Hash


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