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Camping weekend for my birthday!

Who doesn’t like a birthday weekend filled with a little bit of camping and four wheeler riding? This is exactly what happened for my 38th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

At the beginning of the month we joined a club in our surrounding area that is pretty darn amazing. This club features camping, swimming, fishing (5 ponds and the Poca river), four wheeler/side x side riding, shooting range, camper and tent camping. As of right now we are tent camping but hoping within the next year we can get ourselves some kind of camper, need to start playing the lottery more. 🙂 For me though, tent camping is fun and what camping is all about, but I’m sure once we can afford a camper I will never want to go back to a tent.

During the days I hardly ever see Colton due to him being able to go and fish all day long. He hasn’t caught anything yet, but that doesn’t stop him, he is trying his best to get himself a few trout or catfish. I think he just enjoys the time away from the house and everyday life. He’s able to roam around the campgrounds with his friends and not worry about mom wondering what he’s doing or where he’s at. It’s really nice to be able to let him go to the ponds and not worry about him.

We have been staying on a site with Kristy and Hal, friends of Justin and I, and I thank them for introducing us to this club. The cooking that has been going on between us has been amazing. Justin is big on smoking and grilling food, so for the past couple weekends we have smoked a pork butt and pork loin, grilled brisket, and boiled crawfish. Yep we have a 7 in 1 gadget that Justin acquired from Cabela’s, its pretty awesome and helps out tremendously on cooking for our big clan. This weekend will be chicken and whatever else we can think of, I’m sure it will be something Justin can smoke, no doubt.

This past Sunday we went on a ride with my in-laws side x side and had such a great time. We still are not familiar with all the trails, so thankfully we ran into a few of the members that was able to take us around and show us a few more of the awesome trails that go around the camp. There is so much riding out there, I think it would take a whole day to go through all of them. Here are a few pics I got from the ride.

Riding at Camp

Riding and Camping


Riding at camp
John Amos Power Plant in the background.

John Amos Power Plant


Riding at camp
The cool blue lights that Justin’s step dad has in the side x side

We had such a great time riding and the weather was fantastic! Hoping for another great weekend soon.

Don’t let me forget about the awesome present that the hubby got me for my birthday as well!!

Pandora Braclet

Yep my very first Pandora bracelet!!! Oh how excited I was to get this, Justin did a damn good job. My charms are the initials of my 3 boys, Kaleb, Tanner and Colton. Next charms I need to purchase are a WVU one for Kaleb, fishing charm for Tanner and Archery charm for Colton! Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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Camping for the Weekend/Birthday Fun!


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  2. Happy Birthday! I love camping- my husband on the other hand can’t live without the comforts of home so it’s been a long time since I have…looks like you guys had fun!! Cute bracelet!

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