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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Cook in your life

Christmas Gifts for the Cook in your life
Christmas Gifts for the Cook in your life

So if you haven’t heard yet, there are only 6 weeks and 2 days left until Christmas. Yeah I know, shoot me now huh? Seems like this year has flown by so fast that I don’t even want to begin to think about Christmas right now, but I better start soon. It honestly will be here before I know it.

When it comes to shopping, I do all my shopping online and I love it. So much easier and a lot less stressful. First of all I’m not the kind of person that likes to deal with a whole bunch of people. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping just gets on my nerves. I’d say most of it is the people that want to run you down with their buggies or the ones that just park their buggies in the middle of the isle so you can’t get by. Those are the people that ruin it for everyone. Lol!

Black Friday, oh hell no! Therefore you will never EVER catch me out on that day. I will stay right here in my pajamas and do all the Black Friday shopping from the comfort of my home. My hat goes off to the guys and gals that deal with all that mess, your a hell of a lot braver than me. LOL!! I’d probably end up getting into a fight with some lady cause she pushed her buggy into mine. Nope sorry, can’t deal with that shit! So more power to all the ones who can.

Furthermore, if you are the ones like me, who do all your shopping online, I have some awesome ideas for those amazing cooks or soon to be cooks in your life. Whether it be your spouse, mother/father, grandparents, or your little girl/boy, you will definitely find something for one of em. See below for all the cool gift ideas.

This post contains affiliate links. My opinions are my own but I could be compensated based on purchases from these links. Thank you!

Christmas Gifts for the Cook in your life


Aprons for women and girls:

Christmas Gift ideas for the Cook in your life


1.Girls Original Scarlet Blossom Apron and 1.Girls Original Chevron Yellow Bow CUSTOM Apron

2. Girls Holiday Snowman Apron

3. Women’s Original Chevron Coral Bow Apron

4.  Girls Holiday Elf Apron

5.  Women’s and Girls Chevron Yellow Bow Apron Bundle

6. Women’s Kenzie Coral Floral Apron and 6. Women’s Marilyn Strawberry Shortcake Apron

7. Women’s Marilyn Sugar ‘N Spice Apron


Aprons for men and boys:

Christmas Gift ideas for the cook in your life1.Men’s Original I Like Big Buns Apron – Black

2.Boys Original ‘Worlds Best Helper’ Apron – Red

3.Boys Original ‘BBQ Prince’ Apron – Blue

4.Men’s Original Real Men Rub Their Meat Apron – Red

5.Men’s Original Chillin’ and Grillin’ Apron – Black

6.Boys Original ‘Grill Sergeant In Training’ Apron – Black

Cookware items for anyone to use:

Christmas Gift ideas for the cook in your life


1.Utensil Set of 5: Spatula, Ice Cream Scoop, Potato Peeler, Small

2. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups – Set of 5

3 Flexible Liquid Measuring Cups – Set of 3 – TEAL

4. Silicone & Stainless Tongs

5. Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler

6. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons – Set of 5


And last but not least…

Oven Mitts:

Christmas Gift ideas for the cook in your life

1.Oven Mitt Midnight Bloom

2. Oven Mitt Frosted Cupcake

3. Pot Holder / Oven Mitt – Lime Polka Dot with Pink Trim

4. Oven Mitt Cherry Blossom

5. Oven Mitt Sugar ‘N Spice

6. Oven Mitt Chic Pink

7. Pot Holder / Oven Mitt Set – White Teal Floral with Brown Trim


As you can tell, these are such wonderful gifts for any cook that you know. I’m sure you have someone in your life that would love to have any of these gifts. If you don’t know anyone, but you just want them for yourself, then you get em!!!! Believe me, I’m sure I will be getting a lot of these items for myself. Especially the aprons, they have so many nice ones that it’s hard to pick just one that I want. So I’m sure I’ll end up buying quite a few for myself. Ain’t nothing wrong with spending a little money on yourself every once in awhile. Right ladies!!

Happy Shopping!!



Christmas Gifts for the cook in your life


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