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Crappy week ended with a good Saturday #crappyweek #goodsaturday #archery 🏹🎯🏹🎯

This week has been such a shitty one. Woke up Monday feeling like death slapped me in the face, Tuesday he decided to punch me and Wednesday I kicked him between the legs and told him to leave me alone but that didn’t go over to well cause by lunch time he was teaching me a lesson. The pains in my chest that I had had for a little over a week were getting worse and worse. I finally told the hubby that I was gonna have to go to the hospital and see what the hell was going on with me. 

It didn’t take long at all to get them to check me out, I guess due to having chest pains they don’t mess around with that stuff. They took all kinds of blood for testing, all came back good. EKG totally fine, X-rays fine, they had me stay over night to schedule a stress test the next morning. Stress test and Echo came back good. They even done a mammogram and ultrasound on me cause the doctor had found a couple lumps in my breasts, those tests came back good too, they were only enlarged lymph nodes. All these tests in a day and all they could come up with was an inflammation in my chest wall. So go figure.

Anti-inflammatory meds to get the inflammation down but nothing for the damn pain, ugghh just shoot me. I guess I shouldn’t have kicked death in the balls huh? He is punishing me big time now. 

I thought maybe if I go and see my regular doctor he would tell me something other than what the hospital could tell me. Hahaha what the hell was I thinking, he told me the same thing. He was pressing on my chest/sternum area and I thought I was gonna have to break his fingers. I grabbed his hand, pushed it away and said, “shit that freaking hurts”. Even after that he still says it’s an inflammation issue. I give up, I just hope and pray it goes away soon cause it’s very painful. 

Today was a little better due to the fact that we headed to Elkview for an Archery tournament. Coltons school came in 1st place in the elementary division and he placed 6th for the boys. He scored a 249, his highest yet. He keeps getting better and better and I’m so proud of him. Heck he has even been sick with the flu since Thursday and still went out and kicked butt today. 

Way to go Colton and Lakeside Elementary!!! 

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