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Cucumber, Tomato and Basil on Ciabatta Bread

Cucumber, Tomato and Basil Ciabatta is a quick, easy recipe for a perfect side dish, an appetizer or a simple snack. Fresh cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and a splash of olive oil make the perfect topping to a fresh piece of Ciabatta bread.


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Cucumber Ciabatta


While at the store this past weekend, I picked up quite a few cucumbers for side dishes that I had planned on making for the week. My first side dish I prepared were my Cucumber Dill Sandwiches. These were a major hit with the family. We could honestly eat this every day of the week. I made these sandwiches for Game Day Sunday and am planning to make them again soon for a week day snack. You can not go wrong with these healthy snacks.

When I added the English cucumbers, I knew exactly what I would be fixing since I’m a very big fan of cucumbers and tomatoes together. The only thing I had trouble finding was the bruschetta bread, so this is my take of the traditional snack.

The next best thing I could find to use was Ciabatta bread and honestly I like it so much better. The Ciabatta bread soaks up the olive oil and makes it so moist, soft and totally delicious.

Yes you read that right, I used Ciabatta bread. People always think that the cucumber tomato mixture is the bruschetta, but it isn’t at all! Bruschetta is the toasted bread that is used for the toppings. While most recipes that I have seen is based off tomatoes, I based mine off of English cucumbers. To me English cucumbers are the best ones to use. They don’t have as many seeds and are less watery.


Cucumber Tomato Ciabatta

Fresh basil is the way to kick it up a notch too. There are so many times that I can not find fresh basil at my local grocery store, but this past weekend I was in luck. I couldn’t have been more excited to make this healthy snack tonight.

I even made extra so I could take some with me to work, if it lasts that long. Once the hubby gets back home with my youngest child, they may dig in to it and devour it.


Here’s my take on this delicious and healthy snack. Hope you enjoy!

Cucumber Tomato Ciabatta


Cucumber Tomato Ciabatta



Til next time,


Cucumber Ciabatta



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