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Deer are obsessed with my Chevy Cruze :(

What started off as a good start to the weekend, ended up pretty shitty.

On Friday evening, my husband and I were kid free, this only happens once in a blue moon. We were invited to a birthday dinner at Red Lobster, and boy ole boy was I excited, no kids and lobster.. YES YES YES!  I had been craving lobster for a couple weeks now so when we got invited I was not going to pass it up.

Dinner was great!! A lot of laughter, good food, good times and a couple drinks. We had all decided to go shoot pool afterwards. Gosh I hadn’t shot pool in so many years, it was just so weird being in a bar. I think its been about 5 years since Justin and I had been in one but  had a really good time, played music, danced a little and shot pool!

Me, Jan and my Aunt Shelia

Now here is where all the fun begins. On our way home a deer runs out in front of me, AGAIN!!! Yes I said, AGAIN! I have had my car since 2012, now in that time period I have managed to hit 3 deer. These deer are either obsessed with my damn car or my car is just a chick magnet for these four legged animals. The first year I had my car I was heading to work and one came out of nowhere and got my driver side mirror and then bounced all the way down the side of my car. I never saw it or anything, just BAM, right into the side. Took me a second to figure out what had even happened.  Broke the plastic on my mirror and dented up the driver door, back door and bumper. It was still drive able so I said screw it and never got it fixed. Then last October, heading to work again, a buck decided he wanted to see my car up close, yeah I know, he got up a little too close. Busted my passenger side headlight, damaged my hood, bumper, radiator, it was a mess. I couldn’t drive it so I had to get it repaired then, cost the insurance company $5300.00 in damages.


And then what happens Friday night when heading home from what had been such a great time of music, fun, laughter, dancing, you name it.. yep another one of those suckers seen my pretty silver car and thought to themselves, “Hey guys, here comes Trish again.. its been over a year since we said hello to her, why don’t we get her attention by standing on the very edge of the road, where it’s dark and she won’t be able to see us until we jump out and surprise her”.    Stupid ass deer can kiss my rear end! I have totally had it with them. I honestly think they see my car as a bright neon sign that says, “Hit me Hit me”. I will never get another silver car again. Once its paid off, I think I’ll give it to my son and see if he has any luck with it, cause I’m done with it. I didn’t even take any pictures this time cause I was pissed and still pissed about it. lol  Oh well, at least my insurance company is good about it and I don’t have to dish out a shit load of money for the deductible and I have rental insurance, so I’ll be getting a free rental while mine is in the shop. If I hit another one after I get this one fixed, I’m sitting the car on fire and pushing it over a hill. 🙂


On Saturday, and it was cold as crap, the Christmas parade took place for our little town of Hurricane, WV. Good friends of ours was going to be in it so we joined them as well. Had a really good time, passed out candy and a few Christmas cards with gift certificates in them. Justin brought his little propane heater, so we were able to keep our toes warm at least. I know by the time I got home I couldn’t get warm, my legs were froze. We all had a good time, and am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Once I was all settled in for the evening, little man started feeling bad. It all started about 9:00pm, the mess he made on the bathroom floor was awful. I hear him get up and go into the bathroom, not knowing that he was sick, I went in there to see what he was doing, cause he’s really good at getting into mischief after I go to bed. Oh no!!! I walk in the bathroom and step all in it, yes you guess, he had vomited all over the floor, the toilet, the tub, it was everywhere. I didn’t even have my glasses on, so I had no clue it was everywhere until I step in it. Oh my goodness I wanted to scream. lol   So I get it all cleaned up, put towels in the washer, started the washer up and head back to lay down in bed. It wasn’t an hour later, yep I was still up looking at the ceiling, when something told me to get up and go check on him. Glad I did cause what to my surprise, he was at it again, this time all over his comforters, clothes, hunting clothes, jacket, floor. Ugghhh yep he has caught the 12-24 hour bug. Off to the washer again with another load of laundry at midnight is not what I would like to be doing on a Saturday night. At midnight I would like to be sleeping, but that just wasn’t in the books for me that night.  I go to the couch about 1:30a cause I still couldn’t sleep and knew with him being sick I was gonna be up all night anyway. I think he ended up coming in the living room with me about 3:30 and sleeping on the couch with me. It totally drained him that’s for sure, he kept asking me, “Mom what is wrong with me?”  lol   I’m just glad he got up this morning feeling so much better.

I also hope that the sickness stays away from Tanner and Justin, cause they are very big babies when they become sick. 🙂


Let’s get this week over with, so maybe I can enjoy this coming up weekend a little more.

Til next time,


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  2. awww im so sorry! That is just terrible! Those memes are so funny, but it is so common for a lot of people in the area that i live in to hit a deer… so sorry bout that!!

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