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Finally up'ed my game and bought myself a laptop

Yep I finally broke down and purchased a laptop, I have been doing all my blogging from my cell phone and at times can be very difficult. I have searched and searched on what kind of laptop or Chromebook to purchase, so I finally said screw it and went with a HP laptop from Walmart, and yep its pretty and purple.

HP Laptop

After work I made my way to Walmart to purchase my gift to myself and while there noticed that online it was about $30 cheaper, so thankfully they were able to price match it for me. Its always good to save a little bit of money.

It’s crazy to think that now a days everyone should have some kind of computer for their home but I think with all the things you can do with your phones there are at times no need for a laptop. I’m just pretty excited to now be in tune with the rest of the world on having a laptop.. LOL!!  Now if I could figure out what kind of sweeper I need to purchase, that’s another thing that is driving me flipping crazy.

I go through more vacuums then anyone I know, I think I have went thru 4 in the past 6 years. Yeah I may just be a little too hard on them, but I like clean floors and a house.

So while online today searching for a new one, I am back at square one, nothing purchased or where to even go from here. I have checked out the Shark Duo Clean Vacuum but damn it is so expensive on Amazon. I would think there was a good deal on it but not yet, maybe cause its still a new product. I have also checked out the Shark Rotator but I’ve had something similar to it so I’m just nervous that it will break down on me like the rest of them have.  Everyone keeps telling me about the Dyson V8 but sweet baby jesus, I would need a damn loan to pay for this one. Decisions Decisions Decisions

I will end up having a nervous break down on trying to figure out which one of the Shark’s to purchase. Until then I’m just gonna have to sleep on the idea a few more days. You think maybe the prices will lower by the weekend? Yeah your probably right, NO.


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