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Friday Night Food Review @ Mountain Pie

My Friday night consisted of good food, drinks, family and laughter. Dinner took place at a little restaurant called Mountain Pie Company, in Hurricane WV.  This family owned restaurant is such a nice place to gather for delicious food and omg the Sangria’s are to die for! I actually had two of them last night, but boy did I regret it this morning due to the pounding headache that red wine always leaves me with, but other than that they are great!


Mountain Pie consists of Pizza, Pasta, Salads and some amazing Appetizers that are so fabulous. My husband usually gets the Sampler Platter which consists of 5 chicken wings, hot mountain dip with chips, olive bread, two meatballs drizzled with a hot Asian sauce and lastly, two stuffed roma tomatoes, this is just what he starts off with before his main course. 🙂 No he doesn’t eat all of this himself, he usually lets me have the olive bread and tomatoes. Last night Colton devoured the tomatoes and him and Kaleb pigged out on the Hot Mountain Dip w/chips.

Kaleb on Spring Break for college..
Olive Bread
Olive Bread

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the decor, because they have really cute things hanging up all around the restaurant. When you walk in the front door they have a 50 gallon salt water fish tank that was installed in the wall to show on both sides, so while sitting in the waiting area and once you get seated, you could watch Nemo and Dory swim swim swim. LOL!!

Me and the Hubby
Pennies on table
Pennies decorated the top of our table.

Now to the good part… Our main dishes… Colton went the easy way out with a cheese pizza, along with Sierra. The hubby went with a burger that contained ghost pepper cheese, jalapenos and haberno sauce. You talk about ass burning, he felt it this morning for sure.. lol!!  Kaleb went with a grilled chicken pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce, I had the Shrimp Store Called Pizza and Dennis went with the Pompeli pizza. Everyone’s food looked absolutely delish and tasted fantastic.

Grilled Chicken Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
Grilled Chicken Pasta With Alfredo Sauce
Shrimp Store Called pizza
Shrimp Store Called Pizza – Shrimp Scampi, roasted red peppers, Mediterranean feta, mozzarella and spinach on a white sauce
Pompeli Pizza
Pompeli Pizza-Spicy sausage, spicy shrimp, ghost pepper cheese, gorgonzola, red onion, jalapenos on garlic sauce

This is the only unique pizza place in my little hometown, besides the original Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. It has done such a great job since opening in 2014 and has even moved into a larger location due to all the community support. All I have to say is keep up the good work, Mountain Pie, you are doing a great job!

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