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He's Bacccckkkkkk!! Gunter the Elf!

Its not even December 1st and this damn elf has decided to show up since we put our Christmas tree up. Damnit I should have waited for another week or so. 🙂

But I know one little boy that will be pretty darn excited when he awakens from the depths of sleep. Yeah he will be 10 in January, but as long as he still believes in Santa (which may happen this year cause other kids can be cruel) I will keep doing the Elf, even though I do forget to move him on occasion. And trying to think of new fun ways to do stuff with this elf can be such a pain in the ass. Thank God for Pinterest!

As I mentioned, I got my tree up, real one once again this year, and I decided to go with the Tree Dazzler lights that I seen on TV a couple weeks ago. Home Depot had them, so off we went to purchase these bad boys. Man ole man I am not disappointed one bit, they are so damn cool!!!

The different colors, shimmers, shows, its awesome!! The hubby loves the blue, which I do as well, but all the other colors are neat as hell too. With them being LED, that’s why they are so bright and pretty. So if anyone is questioning on getting them, don’t hesitate any longer, run to the store now and get em!!

Well guys my coffee mug is empty so a refill is in store. I hope everyone has a great day!!

Til next time,

Trish the Dish


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