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Homemade Halloween Decor and Fall Items

Top Halloween/Fall Decor

I may be a tad late on this post, but I didn’t not want to post it. When it comes to Halloween, about 80% of my decorations are what my boys have made throughout their elementary school years. When it comes to decorations, homemade decor from the boys are the best things ever. You should see all the Christmas ornaments that I have. Those ornaments cover about 90% of my tree. 🙂

I love love love decorating with anything that my boys have handmade. Just having all the memories made from their little hands can warm anyone’s heart. Now that my boys are getting older I don’t get all the homemade items from them, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop decorating with them.

It’s been a couple years since my youngest has made any decorations, so this Christmas we are going to have to get busy on some new items. It sucks we didn’t get a chance to make any new ones for Halloween, but there is always next year. Well hopefully next year, by that time my youngest will be in his first year of middle school. So he may not want to do any of that goofy stuff with mom. I guess I’ll just have to hold him down and make him. lol

If my decorations are not homemade, then they usually come from Dollar Tree. Boy can you go crazy on decorations from there. When everything is a dollar and the inventory that they carry, it is so deadly to my wallet. I go in only wanting to spend $20 (20 decorations) and end up coming out with over $60 in items. Thank you Dollar Tree . Also, Thank you, for being my son’s favorite store of all times. He just thinks it’s so awesome that everything is just a dollar. Lol! He’s about as bad as me going in there only planning to spend five dollars and end up spending his whole $10. 🙂


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Halloween and Christmas are the only holidays that I even decorate for. I have a few Fall items and of course I got those items from Dollar Tree as well. They honestly do carry the best Holiday decorations. Ranging from Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter to Halloween and Christmas. And if your on a budget or just don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations, then your best bet is to head on over to Dollar Tree. You will be surprised at all the variety of items they carry.

All your craft items can be purchased there as well. That’s where Colton and I go to get glue, tape, paint, etc for all our fun activities.

Fall and Halloween Decor


Here’s a few pics of what I have accumulated throughout the years.

Fall/Halloween Decor
Wood skeletons that are painted with Glow in the Dark Paint
Fall/Halloween Decor
Egg Carton turned into Pumpkins. Hand painted wood pumpkins


Items that I have picked up at Dollar Tree and handmade decorations.

Fall/Halloween Decor
My mom actually made the glass painted Pumpkin, which she got the glass jar from Dollar Tree several years ago. She also made the Dracula item out of a Terra Cotta pot turned upside down.

Those glitter pumpkins in the back are a pain in the rear. I have never had so much glitter in my house. They may be cute and sparkly but they shed that glitter like something awful. I got these a couple years ago from Dollar Tree, they do light up, but of course the batteries are dead in them or I would have showed a picture of them lit up. And why do I torture myself again and again with putting them out for decorations?? I have no answer to that question beside I must be crazy. lol!

Fall/Halloween Decor
More items from Dollar Tree or Dollar General
Fall/Halloween Decor
I use these for my center piece on my kitchen table.
Fall/Halloween Decor
Gotta make sure to put the Caution tape up on the boy’s bedroom doors.. lol!
Fall/Halloween Decor
Love my light up pumpkin that I got at Dollar General


Last but not least, you can’t get through Fall without having a fire place picture..

Fall/Halloween Decor
My electric fireplace with my Pumpkin/Ghosts hanging lights. Have had these lights forever!!!


Don’t forget to check out Dollar Tree next week cause I’m sure that they will have all their Halloween and Fall decor 50% off. They gotta make room for all the awesome Christmas decorations!! Boy I can’t wait!

Christmas at the Tree Everything is $1.


What decorations or activities do you like to do with your kids and family?


Fall/Halloween Decor


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