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I love Quotes!

It’s been a couple days since I have posted anything due to either being very busy or having a writers block. It’s only been a couple months since I started my blog and this is the first time I have had an issue with not  knowing what to write about. I usually post things that are going on in my life or some recipes that I have put together, but the past week or so I haven’t done much cooking, well I have cooked, but nothing special to make a blog out of it. If I have made something out of the ordinary I have forgotten to take pics of the food, which I need to get better with, I just don’t always have my phone in my hand or close to me while I’m cooking. Something that I will definitely have to start working on so I can keep my blog up to date for everyone.

I think for today’s blog I will post some quotes that I have found on Pinterest. I love quotes, but what’s aggravating is when you do post quotes people are always like, “what’s wrong”, “you mad”, “why did you post that kind of quote”. Just because you post a quote doesn’t mean that it’s going on in your life or not, you just like the post and want to share it. Yes there are times that you do post them to get someone’s attention, but for me, I like to post them cause they are either good words to live by or just that good not to post. And yes the one about coffee, pretty much fits me to a tee.. lol!

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These are just a few from my overflowing pins that I have under my Pinterest, didn’t want to get too carried away with all the quotes. I just hope that my writer’s block will go away in a couple days, it’s not good when you have a blank mind. Soooooo….

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