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Lazy Sunday…

Who doesn’t like to have lazy Sundays? Yeah I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on that one. When your up until 4am in the morning playing cards with your hubby and son, the best thing to do the next day is NOTHING. Lol

  • Playing Phase 10 with Justin and Colton until 4am. Had alot of fun!!!!

Well I wouldn’t say nothing, I still gotta get all the laundry done for the coming up week and make sure my college student has all his clothes washed before heading back up later this evening. I think that’s the only reason he comes in, is for his momma to wash everything for him. 🙂 Well I guess I better be happy he does come in, he could just stay up in Morgantown for months at a time, but since it’s just a few hours away, it’s easy for him to come back whenever he wants.

Yesterday my sister in law had her baby shower for baby #2, this time a little boy, that will arrive a couple days before Christmas!! We are pretty excited for baby Landon to join our crazy family. I’m hoping he will be as close to Colton as Lilly is. Lilly loves Colton to death, won’t do anything without him.

  • Look how cute they are..

Friday night was alot of fun as well, went out to dinner with the family for Sierra’s 21st birthday!! She is finally a legal eagle, lol!!! Had dinner at TGI Fridays and then headed off to do a little gambling at the dog track, it had been quite awhile since Justin and I had been there to gamble and it was very enjoyable, well maybe for me, not him tho. Lol. I put in 3 bucks in a penny machine and ended up winning $145 🙂 Later on in the evening I put 5 bucks in another penny machine and won $64, poor Justin didn’t have any luck at all. Better luck next time babe. Lol

  • The hubby and I enjoying our dinner at TGI Fridays.. 

  • Sierra (the birthday girl) and Dennis, yep I caught them off guard. 🙂

So to say this weekend has been good is an understatement, it’s been great!! Just wish it didn’t have to end so quick, Mondays come way too fast. This woman needs to win the lottery so I can be a stay at home mom, I’m tired of working, lol!

Well let’s enjoy the rest of what this day has to offer. Everyone enjoy theirs as well. Happy Sunday!!



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