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Life is like a cup of Coffee..

Why ole why has this weekend went by so fast, just seems like nowadays we don’t even get a chance to rest or take a break from everyday life. I think I just need a month off of work or to win the lottery, gosh when I do hit the lottery I’m going far far away. Hubby will buy a RV and we are hitting the road. Live on a secluded island somewhere, no one will know, gosh it would be great. Damnit Trish snap out of it, get back to reality. 🙂

Shewww I was dreaming pretty big there. Doesn’t hurt to have big dreams does it? No not one bit. Speaking of dreams, my niece’s dreams came true yesterday, she married her best friend. She looked absolutely beautiful and I couldnt be more proud of her. I wish them nothing but love, happiness and a long life together. Congrats to Sierra and Dennis!!

At the reception Colton found Peyton and of course she loved him. He is so good with babies and little ones. He will make a great daddy one of these days.

To end the night we had a nice fire, it was about 35°, so it was a little chilly. Winter has made its ugly way into West Virginia and I’m not too thrilled at all. Especially since the hubby just told me that it’s supposed to snow this coming up weekend. Thanks honey for ruining my day, lol!!!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Til next time,

Trish the Dish


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