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Monday morning blues.. :(

Its so cold this morning, burrr. Do I really have to get up out of this warm bed and get ready for work? Ugghh I guess I do, the bills won’t pay themselves. Lol 

While the hubby gets to lay in bed for another hour I’m up and going about my daily routines. I decided to turn the heater on for a little bit, although there is an annoying buzzing sound coming from the system, hoping to get that fixed in the next couple of days, I gotta warm the house up a little bit or the boys are gonna holler about it being cold. Lol

Speaking of the boys, why do they have to be such pains to get up in the mornings. I’m already ready for summer break so I don’t have to mess with them for a couple months. 🙂 Hurry up Thanksgiving and Christmas break, that will have to do for now. Lol 

So I’m finally off to work and wouldn’t you know it, I have a flat tire, if it ain’t one thing it’s another. I run out to the gas stations at the end of my road to put air in my tire, they wanna charge $1.50, come on now, it’s air. So after checking a few places I ended up at #Sheetz, that supplies Free air, thank goodness. Apparently I have a small leak in my tire, since I had just filled all of them up last week. Let’s just hope I can get it plugged and don’t have to replace.

 Please please please dont let anything else happen on this Monday morning!

At least I had a good weekend! Watched the Mountaineer game Saturday night, and yes they won!! #WVUMONTAINEERS #GOEERS

And then I was able to make my way up to Rural King on Sunday and do a little shopping with the hubby. Came across some toys that I want for myself lol. Check this out:


I want this to sit on my coffee table since I’m a crazy chicken lady. Maybe Santa Claus will come thru for me. Oh and to think Christmas is right around the corner. 🎅🎅☃☃❄⛄. Yeah I don’t want to think about it either. 🙂

I was even able to add my first food blog, check out my Crock Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup, www.trishthedishsite@WordPress.com, thought it would be difficult since I’m so new at this, but goodness it was so easy. I felt like I had been doing this forever and I enjoyed it so much. So here’s to more blogging days!!

Well I guess this girl better get to work and do something besides blogging, lol. Hope everyone has a great day! Smile and be Fabulous! 


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