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My LulaRoe outfit..

I have told myself over and over again not to pay $25.00 for a pair of leggings, but now I know what all the fuss is about. I jumped on the wagon a few weeks ago and bought my first pair and I’m in love. This is gonna get me in trouble for sure. 

One of my friends does live videos all the time on Facebook, so after watching several videos and not buying anything, I finally ordered off of her one night after finding a Randy shirt that I absolutely loved. I then asked if she had any leggings that would match my shirt, and boy did she deliver. The leggings that she picked out matched perfectly with the shirt so I couldn’t say no. 

I wore the outfit last week and loved everything about it. The leggings were so dang soft and so was the shirt.

LulaRoe TC leggings and Randy shirt
TC leggings and Randy Tee
TC Leggings
Such a cute pattern and love the colors

“Would ya look at that!!” Are these not the cutest ever? I can honestly say that I never expected them to be so soft and I’m so looking forward to purchasing another pair. 

Michelle does such a great job selling her items as well, she has so much fun doing it and makes everyone laugh, she’s such a hoot!! I’m sure she will be having another sell soon and this girl can not wait.Whoop Whoop!!  Thanks Michelle, You Rock!!

Chooka Rain Boots
Chooka Rain Boots

I was also pretty excited that my Chooka Rain Boots matched my leggings as well. Been having to wear my boots pretty often lately cause all of the rain that has been going thru WV. I’m sorta glad it’s rain though and not snow cause I just can’t deal with snow. Lol!!

So to the women that haven’t tried LulaRoe leggings yet, you won’t be disappointed at all. Get ya a pair and enjoy all that softness!!! 

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