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My pretty girls = pretty chickens

Last spring I decided to take a leap, head first, into chicken raising. Don’t ask me why I thought of this but I’m so glad I did. I posted on Facebook to find anyone who had chickens for sale, and to my luck, a gentleman up the road from me was willing to sell some of his flock.

I told the hubby and off we went to check his flock out. Once we got up there the chickens were free ranging so we were able to see them in action and pick out which ones we wanted. My husband and I had talked about just getting hens and no rooster, but boy ole boy if you would have seen him, you would have wanted him too. This 9 month old rooster was beautiful and protected his girls like no other, so of course we had to take him as well. We ended up getting him and his 6 girls. I was so excited!!!!!

Pearl is one of the first girls we got.

Speckles is another one of his girls.

Godzilla, he is so big and pretty! 

After having these girls and guy for a couple months I made the mistake of wanting more, and more meant, babies. 🙂 I found a local farm supply store, www.facebook.com/farm-house-367836563367572/ that was getting in all kinds of babies in May. Boy was I one happy girl.

I ended up getting 12 babies, they consisted of Golden Comets, Black Sex Links and Wyandotte’s. They were the cutest things ever. Now these girls follow my whole family around when we are outside, they have been so much fun to watch.

My son Colton feeding them a bagel.

A couple months later I went to the local Flea Market and what would I run across, yep a farmer selling baby chicks. I couldnt pass them up cause he had silkies, and I have been wanting a silkie ever since I started raising chickens.

I think my hubby was done getting chicks, but this girl wasn’t having it, I had to get me more, I  ended up getting 6 more babies. A few silkies and a couple Top Hats (that’s what I call them), I just couldn’t pass them up.

Snowball is my boy Silkie and Hazel (bottom right pic) is my baby girl. She is the sweetest thing ever. 

I never thought in my life I would be raising chickens, but it has been so much fun. Now with the weather changing and getting colder then haven’t been laying eggs like they should, but I’m sure they will start up soon again, well let’s hope, cause I don’t want to go back to buying store eggs, fresh eggs really are the best.

3 coops for all my babies

One of these days I will have a big ole barn to stick all of them together, but until that time comes, they will live in their separate homes. They haven’t complained, so I think they are good. Lol!!

So to anyone that thinks that chickens are dirty, noisy or not enjoyable, please give chicken farming a chance, you will not regret it at all.

Everyone enjoy their Wednesday!


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