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Really Mom, leftovers?? 

Yes son we are having leftovers, you either eat it or wear it. 

Oh yeah the dreaded leftovers, what every kid and maybe husband’s hate to eat, but when you jazz them up a little bit they can be better than the dinner that was originally made. I eat leftovers all the time, mine are taken for lunch just about every day but for the boys and hubby they may get them once a week. This usually occurs on Thursday or Friday when I’ve had enough of cooking from all week and then they may end up eating chicken noodle soup or a bowl of cereal and the hubby may just say screw it and drink his dinner. Hey as long as I get one day off of cooking, I don’t care what in the hell they eat or drink. 🙂 This gives me one day to drink my dinner as well!

So the deer shoulder roast that I had fixed yesterday was huge so I had all kinds of it leftover. I often fix vegetable beef soup with all the roast I have left but I figured I would make something else with it since the hubby isn’t a fan of vegetable soup. Yeah tell me about, who the hell doesn’t like veggie soup, only my husband I guess. Ugghhhh he needs to get over that shit, doesn’t he? 🙂  I thought about doing beef taquitos but of course no cheese in the house, yep I have got to get to the store sometime, but I just hate the grocery store. I honestly am thinking of the whole Amazon Prime Pantry shit, I think I would enjoy sitting on my rear grocery shopping and it all coming in in 2 days. More on this subject later!

Not sure what I could name this little dish but it was a big hit with my youngest son. He told me that I have to do this with the leftover roast from now on.

Yeah it may look pretty gross but it was delish!! The gravy goes good with mashed potatoes as well.

I whipped up a gravy made from:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 3 bouillon cubes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter
  • Flour

You make your roux with 2 tbps of butter and 2 tbps of flour. Add your boiling water mixture with the beef bouillons and stir until desired thickness, add salt and pepper.If you need to add more flour for thickness, do so.

I was also able to use my Pesto sauce that I made over the weekend. Yeah this wasn’t leftovers but I had been dying to fix some pasta to use this sauce.

Homemade Pesto Sauce


I think the only other thing that was made from yesterday was the Bacon and Ranch pasta salad that the hubby ate on cause once again he doesn’t like something else I fixed, the Pesto pasta. This was one of those box pasta salad mixes and yes we really enjoy them, especially when u can get them for a dollar a box at Dollar Tree. Yes he is missing out on so much goodness, but then again, more for me! I have two bowls that will be my lunch for the next 2 days, so in a way, I win! Go me!

I’m just glad he liked the roast with gravy I made, or maybe he didn’t??? Maybe he didn’t want to hurt my feelings?? Nah I think he would have told me, but then again I don’t know.. 🙂

What will tomorrow bring? It’s hard to freaking say, maybe tomorrow will be my drink your supper day.

Til next time,

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