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Saturday = Archery time!! 🏹🎯🏹🎯 #archery

Saturday morning we made our way 2 hours north to Buckhannon Upshur Middle School for another Archery Tournament. The drive up was a wet one, rained on us the whole entire time but we did make it with a little time to spare. Never been to this city but it seemed really nice. Alot of old buildings still used for shops, lined a few of the streets. Love old cities and old buildings, wish I would have gotten some pics of them, maybe next time I’ll snap a few. 
The set up of the gymnasium wasn’t too shabby, alot bigger than what I expected from a middle school. I’m guessing this school may have been used as a high school in the past and with the construction of a new high school turned this into the middle school. 

The targets they used were alot different than what Colton is used to shooting at so I was a little nervous this would mess with his mind a little bit, and it may have. His first 2 shots at 10 meters were dead on, then it seemed like he was too worried about everything else around him cause his shots then we’re off target and and he was putting them everywhere. It’s like he was too worried about what was going on around him, yeah he can be very nosey at times. Lol. He would be standing there getting his arrow set and someone would say, “squirrel” and he would be off in lala land, looking around and not paying attention. He still was able to shot a 223/300, a few points off from his last tournament and quite a few points off from Fridays practice, got 240 then. 

All in all I’m still sooo proud of this boy!!! Never thought I would enjoy watching him shoot archery as much as I do, I enjoy watching all his classmates as well.

Speaking of classmates, his school Lakeside Elementary, came in 1st place among the elementary schools that participated yesterday. The kids scored a total of 2810!!!!! Had two of his classmates come in second and first for their high scores. Their top scorer was a girl that scored in the 260’s, that is damn good!!!!! She actually beat out all of the other elementary schools with her score! Congrats to this young lady and Congrats to all the Lakeside kids!!!! They are doing such a great job!! Keep up the good work guys and gals. We have a couple weeks off, our next tournament isn’t until February 10th or 11th, so Colton has a lot of practice time to get ready for the next one. 

Keep up the good work Birdman!! πŸ™‚

Til next time, 

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