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Sour Patch Grapes

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Grapes are one of my favorite fruits and when you add a little jello packet on top of them, they are amazing. It doesn’t matter what grapes you use, any jello will go good with them. My son calls them skittle grapes, lol. 

For these green grapes I used lime jello, if I had red grapes I would use grape or cherry gelatin.

Grapes with Lime jello gelatin powder

Rinse the grapes off in a big bowl, then transfer to a Ziploc bag, so you can mix them with the gelatin. 

Add jello packet and shake, shake, shake! Make sure all the grapes are coated with the gelatin powder. Once coated add to a freezer safe bowl and put in freezer for a couple hours. I leave mine in there all the time. This is to make sure they stay cold and frozen for whenever I want a cool snack. 

Sour grapes w/lime jello gelatin

The kids will love them just as much as the adults will. 

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