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Starting them out early! #kidscooking

I have always enjoyed cooking, learned from watching my Granny and my Mom, and have taught myself a few things or two. During my younger days my Granny would fix Sunday dinner and we would all gather around her table and pig out. Those were the days for sure, and I miss it very much. Her health hasn’t been the greatest in the past 5 yrs or so so she is unable to prepare all the fabulous dinners that she once did, but the memories will last a lifetime.

I have always loved to spend a Saturday or Sunday just cooking up all kinds of goodies. Pinterest has been my #1 go to for recipes, but there’s also plenty of my own that I like to prepare over and over. Here’s my link if anyone would like to follow my boards, My Pinterest. I have had plenty of recipes that have turned out great and some that, omg I will never try that again, kind of recipes.  That’s the best thing about cooking tho, the more you do it, the better you will get, but if you still have a problem with sitting the fire alarm off every time you cook or the oven catches on fire, you might want to give it up. lol! Just kidding, one of these days you will get it down pat.

So when my 10 yr old keeps asking to help me cook dinner or breakfast, I’m all up for it. The past couple of weeks he has wanted to help me each evening, and that’s even to do the cleaning up part afterwards. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, what kind of toy does this kid want now! lol  But I really think he’s just wanting to learn the ropes of it all and maybe follow in my footsteps of cooking, which would be fantastic. Now a days most teenagers don’t even know how to boil a pot of water, so starting them out at an early age is the way to go. It will help so much later in life for these kids.

Colton cooking scrambled eggs. I think this is what got him into cooking, helping mom or dad at breakfast.
He loves to make scrambled eggs
My 18 yr old fixing Spaghetti one night.

When Colton asked me what was for dinner last night, I told him I wasn’t going to be fixing anything big cause Tanner wasn’t going to be home til late and Daddy was working over,  Daddy would find him something to eat when he got home. No since in making a big supper for just the 2 of us, I would have been fine with a bowl of cereal but Colton wanted more. I was on the search for something fast and easy for us when I remembered having two bags of mussels in the freezer. He was more than excited for me to fix them, this is something we both love very much and since it was just him and I there was going to be more for us to devour. I think we devoured those suckers in less than 5 minutes, lol!

After the feast on the mussels he decided he wanted more to eat so he searched the cabinets and came up with noddles and tomatoes, another one of his favorites. He has never been a picky eater, boy am I thankful of that.

He asked to fix this dinner himself and I agreed that this would be a good meal for him to do since its pretty easy, about as easy as him fixing scrambled eggs. I stepped out of the kitchen, relaxed on the couch and watched while he got the pot out, filled it with water, added a little olive oil and salt then turned the burner on to start the boiling process. While he waited for the noodles to get done, I watched him dice up 2 tomatoes to add to his noddles. He made me pretty proud, he diced them up like no buddies business and guess what, he still has all his fingers, Yay!!  He may just become a great Chef one of these days. Once the noddles were to his liking he drained them and added the tomatoes with a dash of garlic powder, yeah he even knows what spices to use to jazz it up a little bit, so proud! These noddles turned out pretty darn good and he was so proud of himself. I know its just noddles and tomatoes but its the whole purpose of him wanting to do it himself and actually loving to cook. This kid of mine can help me out anytime he wants! Love him to death!

He was so proud.. Fresh tomatoes are so much better, usually all we use are the canned diced tomatoes.

Start them out early so then in a couple years you can just have them do all the cooking in the evenings, while you sit back and enjoy a glass of wine.


Til next time,


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  2. i love your blog, trish and have my kinder class cooking all the time. thanks for reading and following my words and i look forward to doing the same with yours. best, beth

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