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Sushi Night!!

Out of all my posts to just go, vanish, disappear.. it of course had to be the one about the sushi maker that my husband got for me for Christmas, it just never fails. So since it seemed to be such a great hit with everyone I’m gonna blog about it again. Hopefully this time it won’t just vanish into thin air.

My husband and I love Sushi so much, we try to go to Taste of Asia once a month or I’ll stop by Kroger and pick us up some. The gentleman there does a really good job preparing it and the sushi seems to be really fresh. The prices are pretty good as well, especially when you don’t want to spend $90-$100 every time you go out for Sushi.. Yeah I know, we are pigs. lol

After taking forever for the Sushezi to come in, my husband actually cancelled his first order and re-ordered it a second time, we got the second order in 2 days.  We thought the first one may have gotten lost in the ocean, but after my husband cancelled the order, it came in not too long after the second one, so now I have two!! Whoop Whoop

It was a Friday evening when we decided to make a couple rolls. I went to Krogers to get all my ingredients like, nori paper, sushi rice, etc. We wanted to start out simple with salmon, crab meat, shrimp and yellow tail with cucumber, avocado and cream cheese as the veggies. That probably doesn’t really sound simple, but for us it is cause we get all kinds of crazy rolls when we go out to a Sushi bar. The more ingredients in the roll, the better. Sushi ingredients

The Sushezi gadget is the best thing ever. You add your cooked rice to both sides of the tube, add your meat and veggies, then close up. You push the rod through and it squeezes it out the other end into a perfect Sushi roll. It’s absolutely amazing!!

Sushi Roll

Crab & Shrimp Sushi Rolls

Place them in the fridge for about 10 minutes before cutting them.  You honestly will get perfect Sushi every time when you use this sushi gadget.

Crab, Shrimp & Yellow Tail Sushi with Cucumber, Avocado & Cream Cheese

Sushi with Washabi Mayo Sauce and Spicy Sriracha


It was a total blast to make, my husband and I really enjoyed making these together and can’t wait to do it again. The easiest way to fix a sushi roll, EVER!  Watch this video and see for yourself… Youtube Video of Sushezi

Find it on Amazon- Sushezi


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5 thoughts on “Sushi Night!!

  1. This is amazing. My boyfriend and I love sushi so much. The first time I met his parents they made plates on plate on plates of homemade sushi like this and it was just to die for!

  2. I bought my other half a sushi kit a couple of years ago, and although we still make it now and again, we made WAY too much in those first days – enough to put us off sushi for quite some time (because we are idiots, and ate it rather than throw any of it away and waste the food).

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