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Tuesday?? Where is Friday?

Its only 6:30 and I’m seriously ready for bed. This winter, heck it’s not even winter yet,  has already kicked my butt. I have been sick most of the fall season. I woke up Sunday feeling like I had been ran over by a semi truck. Monday comes and I’m down with a stomach virus, I just need summer to hurry up and get here. This has been the worst season for me in a very long time. I’m just glad that the boys and hubby haven’t gotten sick like me cause you know how men can be when they are sick. Moms can’t be sick but sure as heck men act like babies when they are, lol!! 

Thanks to Tony’s frozen pizza for supplying dinner for the family tonight. If it wasn’t for frozen pizza they would have eaten chicken noodle soup or some white rice, cause this woman didn’t feel like cooking anything. As long as they get food in their belly, they are good to go. 

I think after I watch a couple episodes of #Moonshiners this ole girl will be hitting the sack for a good nights sleep. Well after I take a swig of some good ole NyQuil. Maybe I should be taking a couple swigs of moonshine to get rid of this cold I have now, that may work a helluva lot better than NyQuil.  Starting to loose my voice and I don’t even have a sore throat, what the heck is up with that. Thank you old man winter, NOT!!

Let’s get this week over with so we can enjoy the weekend! 

Til next time,

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