Waldorf Salad on this dreary Sunday

As we get ready to start another dreaded week of work, let’s make Sunday the best that we can. I was actually able to sleep in this morning until 8:45, that was so nice, but good things must always come to an end.  So with that being said, let the fun begin. By fun I mean doing laundry, sweeping, mopping the new floors that we have put down. Once everything is complete on the floors I will be posting a blog about our adventures of remodeling the living room and master bedroom, boy has it been fun (insert sarcasm), the good thing tho, it does make the house look so much better. We have only lived in our house for 4 1/2 years but with having dogs and all the traffic throughout the house, the carpet had seen better days. Hardwood for sure was the way to go, its gorgeous!

Yes I’m sorta blabbing, instead of telling you about this salad that I threw together to have something to munch on today, so here goes.

I love fruit and so do my boys, so I wanted to do something fun with the leftover apples and grapes that I had from last week and also to surprise the boys with something different, nope they have never had Waldorf salad. I also keep yogurt around the house for my dogs and my chickens. Yes I said chickens, they are my other children besides my humans and doggies and my chickens absolutely love the yogurt!!




Waldorf Salad


Here’s to a healthy, fruity snack that both I and the boys will really enjoy.


Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!

Til next time,






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