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Weekend Wrap Up!! #weekend 🍸🍹🍷🍻

This weekend was such a good time. It started out with a three day weekend, so you know that meant, the good times would be starting Friday and they certainly did. The hubby and I don’t go on many dates so when a concert comes to our town we make it a whole day event. Rodney Carrington was putting on a comedy show and we both love him, this is our second time seeing him, so our day was going to be great, especially with NO KIDS!! 

I got the boys up, they got ready and then I kicked them out the door for school. I had a cup of coffee while just enjoying the peace and quiet. We wasn’t meeting our friends until noon but I was ready by 9am and ready to get the day going. I’m pretty sure the hubby was excited as I was. We ended up leaving the house about a quarter til 11, made a few pit stops and then was on our way to Charleston, only 20 minutes away. 

Of course we were there before everyone else was, but one good thing was, we were able to check into our room early, so we chilled out there for awhile until Sierra and Dennis arrived around 1:30. That’s when we made our way down to the hotel bar to get the party started. The Embassy Suites is where we were staying and it is such a nice place. The hubby, I think, only likes staying there cause of the free drinks between 5:30-7:30, Lol!! Okay I’ll admit it, I like the free drinks as well. πŸ˜€

After sitting at the bar for an hour my Aunt and her boyfriend arrived, and we were all so hungry by that time, so off to Outback we went. Ever since Justin seen a commercial about the loaded blooming onion, that’s all he has talked about is eating at Outback. Which was fine by me cause we had a $25 gift card for there, that would at least buy one of our dinners. Lol!  Yes he ordered the loaded blooming onion and it was awesome. And of course I didn’t get a pic of them πŸ™ 

 But I did get one of me and my Aunt Shelia getting photo bombed by Chad.πŸ˜‚

 Dinner was delicious too, I had ordered the Tilapia topped with lump crab meat, veggies and a Caesar salad and topped it off with a Perfect Margarita. 

Justin ordered the 25oz bone in Ribeye with fries and yes he devoured it. Lol 

As for Chad, he had to out due everyone with the 35oz bone in Ribeye, aka Tomahawk. He as well devoured it and even let Dennis chew on the bone for awhile. Hahahaaa

So yes dinner was a success for sure. Such a good time with friends and family. We got our bellies full and headed back to the hotel to wait for the free drinks to start, nothing better than free drinks before a comedy show.

             Fruity drinks for everyone!!

The show was great and of course stupid me didn’t get any pics. πŸ™ Oh well, there’s always next time. Rodney had all new jokes and all new songs. I’m just glad that all the women who showed him their tits were in front of us lol!!! 

Saturday was a day of riding and getting muddy. Justin borrowed his step dad’s sxs since our four wheeler is broke down. The weather was perfect as well, not too cold, not too hot, just a right 67Β°. Boy ole boy was it muddy too, I guess that’s what is expected when it’s rained for the past month, well I may be exaggerating a little bit, but it sure has rained a lot lately. After a day of riding we went back to our friends and ate chili and hung out with everyone. Nothing better than food and great friends and so many laughs!

Now for Sunday Funday, there won’t be a whole lot going on cause I’m just wore out. I’ve been washing clothes and cleaning the house up a little bit, but other than that my butt hasn’t left the couch. Heck that’s what Sundays are for anyways right, sitting back and doing a whole lot of nothing. Well maybe for some but as a wife and mother my work is never done. Next up on the agenda is dinner, and it sure will be a good one. 

Come back later this evening to see what was on the menu.

Til next time, 

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