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Welcome June, but man where did May run off too?

Yeah I think I may have slept through the whole month of May, cause it honestly flew by so fast. Welcome June, I hope you treat me better than May did.

I look back and think to myself, what in god’s creation did I even get done last month. Honestly, not a whole lot. Due to the fact that we were either at the ball field or Archery tournament. Yeah it’s good to stay busy, but when your so busy that it only seemed like there was a week in the month of May, then something is wrong. I started blogging to give myself some me time. Usually by the time I have any me time, I just want to do absolutely nothing. When I started I wanted to at least put out 3 blogs a week. Now it’s more like 3 a month. lol   There just needs to be more time in the day. Maybe one of these days life will slow down and I can concentrate more on my blogs. That time will be called Winter. 🙂

Baseball as you know it has been full steam ahead. Colton has been doing really good, and I am about ready for it to be over with. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just hate the Sunday/weekend games. You have all week to play games, the weekends should be left alone unless in a dire need for make up games. But once you come down to already planning playoffs, why even bother with make up games. This mom just wants to enjoy her weekends doing nothing. lol

At the beginning of the month we visited Louisville Kentucky for an Archery tournament that Colton and his classmates were in. I’m telling you what, I never thought I would enjoy Archery, but it has been awesome. Watching Colton start the year out shooting a little above 200 to shooting a 269 in the tournament, its been so awesome to watch. He has improved so much and I can’t wait to see what next year brings him. Out of the 4th grade boys that shot, he ranked 34 out of 827. This momma is pretty proud for sure.

Louisville Archery Tournament Louisville Archery Tournament

Back in March Colton placed 4th in the WV State Archery Tournament. He has busted his butt for sure to make it where he’s at. He has already told me that next year he will be shooting in the 280’s. I’m sure if he puts his mind to it, there is no doubt in my mind that that will happen.  Go get em son!!


While staying in Louisville, we ventured over to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Oh my goodness, that place was soooo neat. We checked out the Lego section of the museum, the gift shop. Colton tried out the batting cages and we were able to take a tour of how the bats were made. At the end of the tour we got our own little slugger bat. Such a cool place to take youth players. I’m pretty sure my husband and son would go back over and over again. If your ever in the vicinity of Louisville Kentucky and want a place to check out, you really have to check the Louisville Slugger Museum out. It was a good day for sure.

Louisville Slugger Museum Louisville Slugger Museum

Lego section / Louisville Slugger Lego section / Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger Museum

Once the archery tournaments were over with, we heading back to Lexington to spend the night and catch up with some friends. Justin has a good friend that lives in the area, so we had a nice dinner with Brent, Whitney and Kip (their little boy who is so darn adorable). They were able to catch up on all the gossip and everything in between.

The best part of the night was when we made our hotel reservations at the Hyatt, you thought I had gotten the boys a room at the Taj Mahal or something. Justin and Colton thought it was so fancy and nice. lol  Apparently us country folks need to get out and explore more. 🙂  All in all it was a great weekend. Colton did an outstanding job, he got himself a Louisville slugger bat. We ate some amazing food and spent much needed quality time with each other.

Next week Justin and I are on vacation, Colton is out of school for the summer, so off to camp we head for the week. Much needed vacation indeed.


Til next time,



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