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Your killing me Smalls.. #foodporn #yourkillingmesmalls

Why do I do this to myself every morning? I don’t eat breakfast, only because I don’t have the time in the mornings to do so at home. If I do eat, it’s when I’m at work and usually a bag of chips, yep The Breakfast of Champions right there! I did get surprised with a box of Tim Horton’s donuts yesterday from one of my mechanics, only because I threatened his life.. Just kidding I’m not that mean.. well then again I do get Hangry when I haven’t ate. So damnit, yes, maybe I did threaten his life on a box of donuts.  #DontJudgeMe

So I get on Twitter in the mornings to see what all is happening in the world and what do my wondering eyes should appear, pictures and pictures and pictures of food, delicious fried food, donuts, cakes, cookies, burgers..shit you name it, I see it..  my eyes and belly can’t take it anymore. I wanna be in my warm bed, devouring all this food. I want to be in a food coma right now! I mean just look at all this shit… it’s killing me!

My mouth is watering so much!! I need all this food, like right now! Jesus, this is just too much, I’m never getting on Twitter again. Thank you #FoodPorn for ruining my morning. 🙂


Sorry if I got anyone else hungry, just know that I’m right there with ya!

Happy Friday!


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