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Shopping on Amazon Prime Pantry

Around Christmas is when I discovered Prime Pantry even though I have been an Amazon customer for more than 4 years now. I think I may have scrolled through every item that was in there, from Health and Beauty to Food and Drinks.

I was very surprised at all the items and what seemed to be good deals that they had on there. From then on I was hooked, I would compare prices with Walmart, Family Dollar and even Dollar General. At one time I had about 100 items on my pantry list but that was just to help me figure out what I actually wanted and to see if I would be getting a good enough deal or not.

They also have a department called Warehouse Deals, this has about anything and everything you can think of as well. I haven’t bought anything from these deals, yet, but plan on it in the near future.

This past Monday I finally decided to go through my narrowed down pantry shopping cart and order the items off my list. The more items you add to the list, its added up and put into a box. My first order was about 32 items, and my box ended up being  96% full and with free shipping. All my items would be arriving in two days, who doesn’t like to shop for groceries in the comfort of their pj’s, while having a few drinks, I know this girl loves it very much. Online shopping for Christmas is my all time favorite thing to do, especially when the only time I have to go out shopping for Christmas is for stocking stuffers.

As to my surprise my huge box of snacks, canned food, pasta, deodorant, just to name a few, was delivered by UPS the very next day. Now if Amazon would start selling frozen food and meat products I would never have to leave my couch again. I know that Wal-Mart has started with a 2-day shipping on food, so maybe I can just get my meat products from them until Amazon picks up these items.

I love Amazon and always have but getting my pantry items in one day instead of two days was a big plus for me. I think I will continue to do this, especially in the winter when its too damn cold to go outside. I just really hate grocery shopping period. 🙂

A few of my picks

Some of the items are more now than what I paid for on Monday and a few are higher now than they were, you just gotta watch for deals, deals, deals. Hope everyone gives this a chance cause its well worth it.

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  2. I am a fan of Amazon Pantry too! I tried it because I received a 5.99 credit for choosing No Rush Shipping on a different order. I was hooked after that!

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